The meninges and the cerebrospinal fluid


To understand the arrangement of the three meningeal layers that surround the brain.

To appreciate the arrangement of the ventricular system of the brain and the composition of the cerebrospinal fluid.

To understand meningitis and hydrocephalus.

To appreciate the embryology of the brain.

Learning objectives

After reading this SDL you should be able to:
- Name the three layers of the meninges that surround the brain
- Name all the dural sinuses and map out their course
- Name and describe the 4 dural partitions of the brain
- Name all 4 ventricles
- Define cerebrospinal fluid, name its functions and recall the normal cerebrospinal pressure range
- Name the structure that produces cerebrospinal fluid and be able to locate it
- Understand what meningitis is, what its symptoms are and how it is investigated and treated
- Understand what hydrocephalus is, what its symptoms are and how it is investigated and treated
- Name the different parts that make up the hind brain, midbrain and forebrain.

I created this wikispace to help Swansea GEM students year two understand the anatomy of the cranial meninges and the ventricular system within the brain and the embryology of the brain.

How to use this wikispace:

Each of the hyperlinks below takes you to a different page. Go through the different pages in order and finish with a quiz to see how much you've learned.


1) Meninges

2) Cerebrospinal fluid

3) Clinical considertations

4) Embryology

5) Quiz time

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